Thursday, April 25, 2013


Today the entire Polish nation rallied around a single sporting star, everyone feeling collectively like they were from the greatest footballing nation on earth. 

The mood was triggered by Robert Lewandowski bashing four goals past the famed Real Madrid in a Champions League semi-final to put his squad, Borussia Dortmund, a heartbeat away from the final.

Needless to say, Twitter exploded with commentary while Lewandowski was working his magic. The newspapers blared it loud and far on their frontpages. The many 24-hour news channels constantly reported on it, seemingly interviewing anyone who had any connection to the striker. 

But in all this revelling, one can actually discover who is a true Pole and who is not.

If your response to Lewandowski's herculean effort was, "awesome" or "way to go" or "he'll be even better next time" or "we are all Robert Lewandowski now," you are not a real Pole. 

If, instead, your response to the goal barrage was "why isn't he this good when he plays for the national team" or "he was just lucky" or "he'll never do it again," congratulations, you are a real Pole. 

Being Canadian, you might have put me in the former camp. But having been in Poland for so long, I found myself constantly thinking the latter. 

Woe be unto me, I've become Polish. 


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