Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Poles to be put on reservations?

Poles favourite Native American hero: Winnitou
Which Polish political party could possibly come up with such a thesis other than Law and Justice (PiS)? Before I delve into it, here's the comment in question from PiS spokesperson Adam Hofman:

"Federalism thinking and the European Union will make Poles into Indians on reservations," Hofman told a radio station. "This is not a dream Poland for my son."

So, basically, the closer the EU integrates, as called for recently by Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski, the more Poland will become like a reservation with all the inherent negative implications and despite the deep insensitivity on Hofman's part.

What is the only appropriate response? Wave the Polish flag of course. Better yet, hold a demonstration and wave thousands of Polish flags.

Luckily for PiS, the 30th anniversary of Martial Law falls this December 13th. PiS thus now plans a "mass" rally to demonstrate for Poland's independence.

PiS's reaction to Sikorski's talk of the potential closer EU integration says more about PiS than it does about Sikorski's policy. What PiS's irrationally exuberant reaction actually points to is a party on the ropes. PiS just lost scores of members who decided to follow ex-PiS deputy leader Zbigniew Ziobro in his bid to form a new party. PiS has lost six straight elections. Reports even resound about a "high-ranking mole" in PiS working to undermine the party from within.

All this means PiS must give every effort to show it is the "nationalist" party, it is the "patriotic" party, it is representative of the "true" Poland. Ziobro's new group surely feels the exact same.

Prepare for lots more flag-waving to come as the two groups aim to be the rightist right-wing party.

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