Friday, November 04, 2011

Poo in the bathtub

Clearly, the Palikot Movement is doing everything it can to grab media attention before the new parliament even starts working and, just like this headline, its strategy is the more controversy, the better.

The party is pushing for the removal of the cross from the lower house of parliament's chamber, a move openly or quietly opposed by every other party.

It has also managed to grab headlines after a row with the rival leftist party Democratic Left Alliance (SLD) over... rooms in the parliament building. In an eyebrow raising quarrel, the two parties fought over the location of their offices. To some surprise, Palikot's party won and the old-timers from the SLD had to vacate their rooms and literally make room for the young bloods. A sign of times, it seems.

On Friday, the Palikot Movement put forward yet another (un)realistic demand: that Waldemar Pawlak, the head of the junior ruling Polish Peasants' Party (PSL) and the outgoing deputy prime minister, resign from his position and make way for other "professionals" in the party. The reason? The Economy Ministry Pawlak also runs is late on some EU-related legislation.

If all ministers resigned because legislation was late, we would be changing governments every three months. Not to mention the fact that the PSL simply has no other "professionals" that can step up and replace Pawlak easily.

As we have indicated, these are going to be interesting (in a scary-grotesque-perfect-for blogging way) times in Polish politics, but I want to know what ever happened to Palikot the Statesman, the guy who offered to be a serious coalition partner for Prime Minister Donald Tusk? Not that we mind; we prefer Palikot the King of Dildos anyway.

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