Wednesday, November 30, 2011

No peeing in Warsaw

The fortunately long since departed Communist-era was a time of idiotic rules totally detached from reality, making Poles quite proficient in cheating on these rules. Like the one that you could not buy alcohol before 1 P.M. It seems that the system can change but some things do not. Polish state railways PKP, to be precise. Apparently, the railways decided all trains will lock their bathrooms when they travel through Warsaw...

Why, you might ask, would anyone do that? Oh, it's quite simple. Warsaw's train stations are being renovated, but the train cars are not. In these old cars when you want to pee, well, let's just say the stuff doesn't stay on the train for more than a few seconds. Nobody really cared too much until that, er, stuff started dropping beside the renovated rail stations. So, PKP decided to solve the problem by locking the toilets.

Now, it seems that just to be on the safe side PKP decided the best course of action would be to make all toilets usable on a need-to-pee basis across Poland and not only in Warsaw. I wonder when Poles will get the message and figure out that windows are closer and cannot be locked....

1 comment:

  1. * Let's see how good enforcement of this rule will be executed.

    * Maybe they should refrain from selling drinks on the train around one hour before arrival in Warsaw.

    * If it works, I'm for it!