Wednesday, November 16, 2011

No eagles here

Poland's football association PZPN rarely shows any sign of considered long-term thinking. I was thus extremely surprised that for once someone there actually thought about the upcoming European football championships Poland co-hosts with Ukraine next June in a realistic way.

The association, clearly after a deep analysis of the national team's past performance and in a rare moment of sobriety, decided to remove Poland's national symbol -- a white eagle -- from players' shirts.

So far this year the national team coached by Franciszek Smuda has won 6 games, tied 3 and lost 3, but let's be frank most of the opponents were not the best. If we take a look at Poland's potential opponents in the tournament, the record is much clearer. Since 2009, when Smuda took over, team has failed to win a single game against any opponent that qualified for the Euro 2012. It managed to tie only two and lost a total of four.

Unfortunately the media, other fans and even players themselves do not agree with me that it is good the eagle is gone. Fans are protesting against the move online and in real life by boycotting the latest friendly match. The media has hit out in the usual frenzy. Politicians want legal changes that would force the eagle back onto the shirts...but why??!! After all, it would only turn red with shame during the tournament itself...

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