Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Battlefield 3 blows away Polish blockbuster

Rather than watching a "blockbuster" recreation of Poles fight for freedom filmed in 3D with supposedly high-end visual effects, a plethora of Polish movie stars and a script revolving around one of the nation's key historic moments, Poles prefer to just go out and shoot people on their own, virtually of course.

It turns out sales of the recently released third iteration of the well-known first person shooter Battlefield reached 7.2 million zlotys in the first three days of the game's launch on Oct 27. That easily beat "Battle of Warsaw 1920," which earned 4.7 million zlotys. In the battle of the "battles," it seems Battlefield 3 wins.

Battlefield did just beat out Poland's latest attempt at an historical action movie blockbuster, it came close to bringing in enough revenue to compare well with the latest installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean and the last episode of Harry Potter's adventures.

For those of you who are not gamers or don't have gaming kids, an FPS is a game in which from a first-person perspective you have the rare opportunity to shoot, stab, bomb, run over other players when playing online or computer-generated opponents when offline in single player mode.

And now I have to run... there are some people that really need to be shot. Hooah!

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