Friday, October 14, 2011

So good to be special -- Agent Tomek

Special Agent Tomek has already featured a few times on our blog (here and here). Our favourite 35-year-old pensioner and former Anti-Corruption Bureau's special agent, that is, very special agent, made it into parliament in the recent October 9 general election and will represent Law and Justice (PiS).

On the future member of parliament (MP) list, he is very easy to spot. He is the only person that under job description wrote in "pensioner," clearly being proud of his special privileges. As a person who worked for law enforcement, he is entitled to a retirement pension after 15 years of service. Regular Poles have to work until they are 65.

But the privileges don't end there. As the daily Gazeta Wyborcza writes on Friday, this oh-so-special agent will not only receive his MP salary (as a joke it's named in Poland a "diet" -- at 12,000 zlotys per month, it is nothing close to a "diet" for Poland) but he will continue to get 75 percent of its pension.

Normally, Poles are not allowed to receive both a regular salary and a retirement pension, unless of course they really are . . . special.

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