Sunday, October 30, 2011

Perfect school

This school has everything: a brand new gym and basketball court, PCs for all students, projectors for presentations, all the most modern tools of which most schools in Poland can only dream. The cost of overhauling the facility is 4.5 million zlotys and now only one thing is missing...students. Yes, since the high school is strategically located in a place called Strzepcze (no, I don't have an idea where that is either) there is no one that wants to enroll there.

As the daily Gazeta Wyborcza writes, this is not such a great surprise either. The Kashubian high school had problems attracting students for quite some time. In 2009 only six students wanted to attend the school, which was too few to create a class, and a year later no one came.

Surprise, surprise, teenagers prefer schools in nearby towns to a village school, no matter how well equipped.

Is anyone going to take the blame for spending money on a school that does not make sense? The money certainly could be spent better, for example, on nearby schools that students actually want to go to or on schools that are being closed against the will of kids and parents because of financial trouble. No, obviously not. Officials are saying it was worth it. After all, a whopping 170 people finished the school. Overall.

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