Thursday, October 20, 2011

Palikot dupes dopers?

Janusz Palikot, the enfant terrible of Polish politics, has been accused by the Free the Weed Initiative of basically being, well, an enfant terrible, or so goes the hard-hitting story heralded Thursday as an "exclusive" by, public TV's news service. Forget Gaddafi. We have Palikot vs. potheads.

It seems the ganja-growing gang is somewhat uncharacteristically incensed -- yes, they are off the couch and, yes, their eyes really are just dry -- because Palikot promised that in return for support he would push for liberalisation of the narcotics law for Maria Jasia, aka Mary Jane, and now it looks like he might have just used them. Egad.

"Janusz has proposed introducing to the drug law a provision that assumes waiving the prosecution of persons possessing narcotic drugs for 'personal, non-commercial use.' He thus threw into one bag marijuana and the so-called hard drugs," a Free the Weed leader Jedrzej Sadowski railed. "The Palikot Movement has completely ignored our bill...."

The Palikot Movement's leadership denied the allegations, saying the Free the Weed Movement was split into two fractions, only one of which was smoking mad. Other friends of marijuana said that co-operation with Palikot was producing benefits.

So, let's see here. We have a "fraction" of the Free the Weed Movement that thought supporting Palikot would produce instant changes to the drugs law. I've got some bad news for you guys: Palikot is not in the government and probably won't be. Your bill will never be supported by a Civic Platform (PO) that is desperate to be non-controversial at all costs.

And though I generally support your position, I have a different recommendation: why don't you guys sit back, kick your feet up and, well, you know what to do.

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