Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Kaczynski: Merkel is Stasi

Law and Justice (PiS) leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski has a campaign to run, dammit. So what if that campaign must include some Germanophobia and outrageous accusations regarding how Angela Merkel, the leader of one of the most important countries in the world, was elected. Poland will not be some client state in the heart of Europe kow-towing to Germany or, worse, Russia. Long live a free Poland (for those who like PiS, at least)!

Something like that must have been Jaroslaw Kaczynski's thinking when he wrote in a recent book that Merkel's winning of the German chancellorship in 2005 "was not the result of pure coincidence."

When pressed on such inflammatory statements by Newsweek Polska, Kaczynski said "she knows what I mean to say. That's enough."

Kaczynski clearly wants to suggest some foul play involving former Stasi and maybe Russians, liberals, oil companies, mafia, possibly Jews and maybe even Orcs. This is PiS's tried and true technique. Kaczynski and his party often use the stigma "German" to mean "anti-Polish." Donald Tusk and his famous grandpa from the Wehrmacht know this well.

Funnily enough, Kaczynski made insinuations again on Tuesday, confronting a journalist who dared ask a probing question regarding his 'I know but won't tell' method whether the journalist was "from German media or Polish media." A PiS candidate and close ally of Kaczynski was later caught on film saying the journalist's questions weren't "Polish."

But what might sound good to the radical nationalists and Catholics and self-styled Polish "patriots" that support Kaczynski probably doesn't sound so great to the Germans or Mrs. Merkel herself. In fact, it seems like the epitome of stupidity to cast doubt on the background of what would be your most important partner, particularly when she holds Europe's purse strings and EU countries are smack dab in the middle of talks on a new EU budget.

Kaczynski has promised Poland won't bow down to anyone, insinuating again -- you can see the pattern -- that the outgoing government does so. But he also promises to get billions more from the EU, particularly for farmers.

If Kaczynski does manage to pull off a shock upset in Sunday's elections, you just know the Germans will have their own plans to deal what really is Poland's own little dictator.


  1. Its standard tactic of Jarosław Kaczyński - to say something in 70 %. Naive thinking people have a good field to make unbeliveble theory (Wałęsa, Merkel, Putin).

  2. The "wiem, ale nie powiem" strategy is indeed one of Jarek's favourites. It looks like it bit him in the behind on this issue. This makes me happy. It is not standard international practice to use innuendo and suggest dark things about other leaders or political actors without proof. In fact, in many countries, suggesting someone's election was fixed would be a criminal offence without proof.