Thursday, October 06, 2011

Desperate stripper

People in desperate situations will do desperate things, a bit like cornered animals. Now, if you are running for parliament on the list of the ex-communist Democratic Left Alliance (SLD) which gets as low as 6 percent support in some polls, then your situation is indeed desperate. However, if you have spot number 24 on that list, you are completely really really desperate to get people's attention.

We all know that two things that sell well are gore and sex, and clearly SLD candidate Katarzyna Lenart knows that too. Since gore would probably exclude her from running for Polish parliament, she decided to go for sex. So she stripped. In an official campaign ad.

The punchline is "Want more? Vote SLD" Well, hell, I want more. Who doesn't. But I would like to get it in writing that if she makes it to parliament a special Director's Cut version will get released.

Ms. Lenart of course claims she did this only to draw people's attention toward her election programme, which is also viewable on YouTube, but who would bother watching that if already in the first clip she shows you everything she has to offer?

So first, we have the PSL spot suggesting sex and now this. Who would dare to say this is a boring election campaign.


  1. I can't wait for Jarek to do this one too!

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