Wednesday, September 14, 2011

PiS wants 25,000 good men

The opposition Law and Justice (PiS) wants to find 25,000 "men of trust" to observe the October 9 parliamentary elections. PiS leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski thus signed up on Monday to the "Fair Elections" campaign, which aims to ensure the elections are, er, fair.

Obviously, Kaczynski and the gang behind the "Fair Elections" campaign must believe the senior ruling Civic Platform (PO) will try to steal the elections. Why else would you seriously ask 25,000 people to work for free on a Sunday. I mean, it's clearly not possible that the PO could actually just be elected. They must steal to win....

Wait, what, you don't believe the PO will steal the elections but are just calling for 25,000 "men of trust" to turn up at polling booths just in case?

"Since the setting up of modern democracy, elections have been conducted on the basis of limited trust, or, in other words, they have been controlled by the opposition and various social groups," Kaczynski said on Monday. "This is the democratic norm. Without this, one can simply not talk of a democratic election, and without this, there can be no fair state because fair elections are the foundation of a fair state."

Quite a way with words that Kaczynski has. One might even say he has a fair way with fair words....

Anyway, Kaczynski went on to explain his deep satisfaction with the "Fair Elections" campaign.

"We are delighted that this project is not partisan. It is a social enterprise that is part of a social movement which emerged in Poland after the last elections," he said, wanting to add he is a 'social' man in a 'social' world just looking for his 'social' love but that is another story....

Non-partisan, he says. Hmmm. Non-partisan is clearly good. But just who is behind this extraordinary call for election observers and the implicit statement elections are being stolen in Poland?

Well, the main backers are...badaboom...the Lech Kaczynski Social Movement, the club of the extremely right-wing Gazeta Polska, the Free Poland website, the Solidarni 2010 grouping....So, non-partisan here actually means partisan. Well, I guess this is an election campaign.

In case you are wondering what I'm getting at, no, it's not that I think PiS is crazy, or rather the only crazy Polish political grouping. The Beata Kempa stolen email idiocy I wrote about yesterday and the stolen election example above highlight PiS's political modus operandi: insinuation.

And this is only the beginning. If I gaze into the Poland X crystal ball, I predict far more insinuation to come and before the month is out, PiS will be accusing a major PO figure of major corruption. Mark my words.

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