Monday, September 12, 2011

No one to vote for

It is astonishing that four years after the Civic Platform (PO) took power the comment I hear the most is "there is no one to vote for." More often than not it comes from disillusioned PO voters, but not only

Given this, one would think the new parties popping up right and left aiming to attract potential voters should gain some traction, but no. There is plenty of parties that have come (Poland is the Awesomest (PJN), Palikot's, the SdPL) but yet even quicker they go...(PJN, SdPL, Samoobrona, LPR). I do admit some of these parties last longer, and some just a few months and some...well, we don't even notice they were there before they are gone.

Despite this movement the political scene for the past couple of years has probably been as stable as it is going to get in Poland. We have two major parties (the PO and Law and Justice (PiS)) and two smaller ones (the leftist SLD and rural-based PSL), so what are people talking about there is no one to vote for?

The main problem is that although Poles are quite good at ousting governments from power (not a single party has yet won two elections in a row) they are not so good at ousting party leaders. Actually they are terrible at it.

Let me give you an example. When it comes to elections, no matter who the leader of SLD is, Aleksander Kwasniewski is considered to be the trump card in post-communist's hands and each time he does them more bad than good. By bad i mean BAD. I mean showing up drunk -- or stricken with a Filipino disease, as his handlers had it -- at a major party convention only to blabber something in the microphone. And yet they ALWAYS ask for his help.

Second, can anyone imagine a modern party in a modern country with free and fair elections that does not sack its entire leadership after losing six straight elections? Poles can. Look at PiS and Jaroslaw Kaczynski.

In the end, it is perfectly understandable there is no one to vote for. After all, it is the exactly same people over and over and over again.

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