Thursday, September 01, 2011

Loose lips sink ships - clarification

For the record, I would like to state clearly that I do not believe anyone at Reuters news agency did anything wrong in the event presented in the post Loose lips sink ships, which looks at the leak of GDP data that occurred on Tuesday.
I do not think that any reporter or editor tipped off any broker, dealer, trader or anyone else with a market interest. I do not think the information left the newsroom.
I apologise to anyone I might have inadvertently offended.
I did mention that getting exclusive news, including via leaks, is part of the job of Reuters and tried to congratulate the staff there for what was a very impressive scoop.
But, as someone who writes, I should have been more careful in expressing the point that -- even if no one at Reuters did anything remotely wrong -- important data like GDP numbers should not be leaked.
The problem is clearly with a government source or with Poland's Central Statistical Office. I stand by my position that the guilty person should be dealt with. The institutions involved should also examine their public statistical data dissemination policies to ensure this doesn't happen again.

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