Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It's not what you think...

Poland's election is gaining momentum and entering the stage where some parties are getting, er, desperate. The Polish Peasants' Party (PSL), the junior ruling coalition member, is trying very hard to differentiate itself from its bigger coalition partner-cum-rival Civic Platform (PO) and is trying to convince people it is much more than...well, a peasants' party.

It is obviously a challenge for Peasants' party to not be seen as a peasants' party, so Deputy Prime Minister (and Poland's most popular iPad user) Waldemar Pawlak decided to roll out the heavy guns: the PSL has made what can only be called an 'erection ad' entitled "Don't judge a book by its cover."

For non-Polish speakers, the dialogue is quite simple, something like from German porn movies that were popular in Poland before the internet-era. It goes something like "Let's go behind the shack" "Do we have enough time?" The pair then runs behind the shack...suggestive noises then accompany the couple playing tennis...The PSL ends with "It's not always what you think. Look at us from another side."

The PSL is light on the details of its economic or political plans for Poland's future but certainly it is one of the most active in terms of unorthodox ideas for their campaign. The sexual innuendo above was actually preceded by a kick-off campaign ad showing politicians singing at a disco. I bet neither Pawlak nor any of his spin doctors expected the song to become an international clip played across the globe. For example, here it is in the Egyptian holiday resort of Sharm el Sheikh:
For those who are interested here is the original.

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