Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Donald is right...

I am sorry to say but Prime Minister Donald Tusk is right. We made fun of him when he told the weekly Polityka there was no one he could lose to in the October 9 elections, but it seems, improbably, that he was right. He really doesn't have a serious opponent, unless something dramatic changes, that could threaten coming election victory.

It is not that Donald Tusk, the Civic Platform (PO) leader, is such a good prime minister or the economy is doing so well. Unemployment is high, especially among young people. Taxes, fees and prices are all on the rise. Hardly anything got done, forcing the ruling party to go to the polls under an "under construction" slogan. So how come the Civic Platform maintains such a hefty polling lead over its rivals? After all, its previous "To live better" slogan now sounds like a sarcastic joke.

The PO's campaign idea is really bizarre. How can you advertise the fact that in the middle of Europe it takes more than four years to build a 100km highway? Donald Tusk recently had a massive problem answering a simple question from a journalist: "Please name one thing you started and actually finished?"

The only reason for such a good performance is that whenever you look at the alternatives to the ruling party, the choice is just as bad or even worse. Although the Law and Justice's (PiS) weakness can be explained partly by the Smolensk disaster, which killed many of its higher echelon officials, the weakness of the leftist, post-communist SLD is its own doing.

Looking at the ongoing campaign, I can give one early conclusion: neither PiS leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski nor SLD head Grzegorz Napieralski want to win the election. Their strategy is thus simple -- through ruin to victory. The global crisis will sweep the ruling party into obscurity and then without much effort these grandmasters of political chess will take over the reins and lead us to apparent glory. Or so they hope.

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