Tuesday, August 23, 2011

PiS activist: Let's do a Hungary!

A weekend election convention featured rocking and roiling flags and showers of confetti, sending Law and Justice (PiS) fanatics into a frenzy. "We will win, we will win," they chanted. PiS's glorious leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski echoed this and promised victory in the October 9 general elections. In all this ecstasy, some lost their heads.

"This is only the start. We need a situation like in Hungary, where Fidesz managed to mobilise a broad right-wing electorate and introduce changes to rebuild the country," the leader of a PiS backer told the daily Rzeczpospolita.

Hungary, hmmmm. Fidesz, hmmmm. Yeah, that's just what Poland needs.

PiS used to model themselves on the U.S. Republicans, but I guess the flavour of the day is Fidesz.

I can see why. Fidesz rode a wave of disgust in previous socialist governments in Hungary to a resounding victory in 2010 elections. The party won more than two-thirds of seats of parliament, enough to allow it to change the constitution and legislate at will.

I can imagine a world in which having so much power concentrated in one party would be a good thing. Unfortunately, it's not this one. Fidesz has stumbled from one controversy to the next. It has offended most EU members. It has offended foreign investors, banks, businessmen.

If PiS were to ever win over two-thirds of seats in Poland's lower house, one could easily predict an absolute disaster. PiS doesn't just present an ideology. It presents Absolute Truth. Fanatics such as these are dangerous.

But it's good then that Jaroslaw Kaczynski's promise of election victory looks empty. Though promises are usually easy to make, one might imagine it would be harder for Kaczynski to promise victory after having lost five elections in a row.

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