Thursday, August 11, 2011

Here I am to save the day

Jan Vincent Rostowski is a mild-mannered regular guy most days. Just another humble civil servant trying to make his way in this crazy old world of ours. But throw in a market crash, add a currency crisis, toss in some extreme volatility and in the humble man's stead comes Jacek Rostowski, finance minister extraordinaire.

Rostowski transformed into Jacek again on Thursday when he jetted back from his holiday early -- yes, did you hear that Ms. Angela Merkel, early -- to save the day.

"I could see the situation coming and booked my ticket (home) for an earlier date," Rostowski told radio station TOK FM. "[…] But I also spent much of my vacation talking on the telephone to Warsaw, Brussels and London. However, I still feel better here."

We feel better with you here, Jacek. Before, we were lost, perched on the precipice of financial disaster, one step away from a market and mental meltdown. Now we can rest easy.

But our very own finance minister extraordinaire doesn't only solve Poland's problems. He's far more potent. He could solve the EU's problems as well if they let him. For instance, Rostowski said he felt the European Central Bank's recent decision to buy beleaguered Italian and Spanish bonds on the market was absolutely needed.

"This should have been done much earlier," he added. Take that Trichet.

Rostowski's presence had an immediate impact. The Swiss franc began weakening sharply, falling by over 20 groszy just in the afternoon.* All I know is I can rest easy. My money is safe.

* It was very very loosely related to Rostowski's return, though related isn't really the right word.

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  1. I just feel more at ease that Poland X is back in town to comment on things. guys there is a whole stable full of Lepperisms waiting to be mucked out. what are you waiting for?