Friday, August 26, 2011

Clash of the titans

Bring it on, bi-yatch!
Law and Justice (PiS) masterminds are hunkered down trying to answer the most profound of questions: 'who can we get to debate Jacek Rostowski?' The Civic Platform (PO) wants its finance minister, Rostowski, to debate PiS's economic expert. Trouble is, PiS doesn't have one.

PiS's first choice was Beata Szydlo, the heretofore PiS economic expert and a deputy leader. But people have noticed she's an ethnographer by training. In a recent radio interview, she also had trouble grasping basic economic definitions. The lack of knowledge about a subject being discussed hardly puts her outside the mainstream of Polish politicians, but PiS is apparently afraid of embarrassment.

With her gone, PiS leaders could only look in astonishment as they did not have a single other well-known economic supporter . . . until they remembered Zyta Gilowska.

Ahh, good ole Gilowska. The former PO economic tigress who was booted out of the PO and then suddenly discovered she really liked PiS leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski. In fact, they share some sort of creepy connection and always seem to be kissing each other, even if it's just his lips on her hands.

Gilowska on Thursday pledged her undying love for PiS and all things Kaczynski, seemingly setting up a true clash of financial titans: Rostowski, the PO's new financial guru and the man who knows absolutely everything, versus Gilowska, the barb-tongued castoff who knows absolutely everything.

It sounds scintillating. Rostowski's turn as finance minister has definitely not been one for the ages, but he does have a talent for political rhetoric and debate. Gilowska is well known for quips and gibes. Don't get me wrong. I don't expect quality debate. But I do expect fireworks and with luck fisticuffs.

The only problem is Prime Minister Donald Tusk is setting up to be a spoilsport. He said Friday that Gilowska, as a member of the central bank's rate-setting Monetary Policy Council, should be neutral and not allied to a political party.

This could stop what should be the second best debate of a planned cycle, with the Tusk-Kaczynski clash the clear headline event. But here's hoping that Jacek and Zyta do square off and someone somewhere announces 'Let's get ready to ruummbbbbblllleeee....'

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