Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer lull

Sometimes even a summer lull can be a reason for a major political crisis. No, I'm not talking about Greece and the Swiss franc, but rather about Denmark and its decision to tighten up border controls just ahead of the usual summer season.

The Danes have been accused of breaking up the Schengen Treaty that allows border-free travel across most of the European Union. Some even charged the Danes were directing a shot at the back of the good old Union itself. One German politician was even so carried away he recommended that one should go for holidays to Poland instead of to Denmark!

Let no one say Germans are not a unified nation. A second tier-politician recommends Poland as your holiday destination and, wham, Angela Merkel and her husband visit for a private weekend in Gdansk. Talk about leading by example. The happy German pair dropped by to meet President Bronislaw Komorowski. Maybe as with Donald Tusk, Merkel and Komorowski also found some long lost relatives? That would be preferable to looking for property to reclaim....

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  1. For all the talk about German unification, I just want to know when Breslau and Danzig with be unified back into Germany. A little advance notice on that and I know some guys ready to hit the rails and move there - plus it would be a relief to everyone currently living and working there.

    Hey, you don't suppose that's what these meetings are about, do you. I mean, it's not possibly because Borislaw and Donnie are ashamed to meet in Polish cities...?