Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Public service announcement

Contact: Poland X

Use through: August 8

Public service announcement - The management of Poland X, Poland's best blog with an X in the title, would like to announce a temporary break in service as its authors enjoy the stormy, rainy weather that has afflicted a lot of us this summer. Like batteries, we need to recharge, though we tend to recharge with barley ambrosia rather than electricity.

We cannot rule out irregular posts about the regular things through to the end period of our announcement, but we can humbly pledge to return to normal service on August 9.



  1. Normal service in Poland? Can you do that? Will Polish Reality allow that scale of innovation?

  2. Does Common live in Poland? No. He is living here right now. Anyways... always question X. Rain is rejuvenating, but ambrosia, more so. So I must agree with you. You are my hero, Scott. Keep the underground alive with your words, underground man. Peace...