Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Poland is the most beautiful woman in Europe

Poland's spy vs. spy battle between PM Donald Tusk and his arch-rival Jaroslaw Kaczynski now extends to trying to out-do each others with metaphors. Tusk and his gang of liberals recently released a computer-animated short which personified Poland as the dexterous seducer trying to woo the beautiful lady Europe. But Law and Justice (PiS) commandante Kaczynski is having none of this: Europe is not the beautiful woman. Poland is.

The 62-year-young perennial bachelor had an assignation with 500 right-wing women at the Hilton hotel in Warsaw this past Saturday. Whoah. I thought DSK was the womaniser. Kaczynski trumps him, sort of.

Kaczynski was honorary guest speaker at the "Poland Is The Most Beautiful Woman in Europe" congress, where he dropped some gems like:

"Femininity and masculinity are two forms of the same phenomenon of humanity," the would-be women studies professor said, stressing that these phenomena came from "nature."

"They are an expression of diversity and equality…this equality is just to belong to humanity," he said.

Kaczynski also talked of women's problems. Surprisingly, his favourite remedy to any and all problems plaguing humanity -- toughening up existing laws and punishments -- will work on domestic abuse as well. Women have to deal with limited access to pre-schools, housing shortages and the high cost of health-care, he added.

Kaczynski knows a lot about politicking and denouncements and innuendo and internal party turmoil and bloodletting and Donald Tusk and his grandfather and one part of Poland's history and the actual skin colour of the indomitable Andrzej Lepper. What he doesn't know is women. I'm surprised his handlers didn't advise against such an appearance. Or maybe all the adept ones are already gone, sacrificed on the altar of his own ego.

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  1. "Or maybe all the adept ones are already gone, sacrificed on the altar of his own ego."

    I assume it's supposed to be ironic, but, speaking as a professional PR having had some connection to the handlers of PiS, I can only congratulate your powers of observation here. Knowingly or not, your statement is accurate. That and the fact that the PiS PRs I met had no balls whatsoever, let alone professional advice independent of "their client" to offer during the last election.