Monday, July 18, 2011

Our very own Unabomber

Kraków, or at least a part of it, trembles in fear. Four bomb blasts in the past few weeks have shocked an area of Kraków that comes as close as possible to being the Polish definition of a suburb. The latest bomb blew up on the weekend. Five people have been wounded.

It is unclear whether the homemade bombs are the work of one man, but the police seem to think so. It is also unclear if the victims are related in any way. The cops have just released a sketch of a potential suspect, or actually two sketches of two possible suspects, or maybe just one guy. They don't know.

If you click the link and look at the sketch, you will see that "looking at his face he resembles exactly no one," as the quote from a poor Polish comedy goes. Or the opposite in that it fits almost every square-faced bully out there.

Since the TV news has already named the psycho a psycho and a terrorist, my thoughts have wandered to one of the most famous psychos and bombers in one who was ominously named Kaczynski. Jaroslaw has an alibi for all three incidents. Ted is locked up for good. I guess our psycho is someone else.

Maybe our own version is someone who has a grudge against the 'hood or maybe he's a crazed real estate speculator? Who knows.

In case you're wondering, Kraków is still there. Other neighbourhoods likely think "this serves them right." Tourists don't seem to give a shit about the bombs and probably they wouldn't find the place anyway, if they even heard about it. So, please don't be shy and drop by, bombs or no bombs.

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