Thursday, July 07, 2011

One man army

No one ever accused Zbigniew Ziobro of being nice. Ziobro prides himself on being a slightly arrogant, super-confident political son of a gun. Prime Minister Donald Tusk knows this well. The PM got an earful from Ziobro, a euro-MP for Law and Justice (PiS), on Wednesday in Brussels when presenting Poland's EU Presidency goals at the European Parliament.

Ziobro's one man attack on Tusk and his Civic Platform (PO)-led government was vociferous and played well to the Radio Maryja crowd grouping the less tolerant of Polish society and those who already can't stand Tusk. But Ziobro's main line of attack betrayed less the government's alleged autocratic ways and more Ziobro's serious memory problem.

"Your government in Poland has undertaken mass firings of journalists at public TV," Ziobro railed. "Is this only because they were critical of the government?" Ziobro clearly forgot when the PiS-led government of 2005-07, which he was part of as a politically active justice minister, undertook mass firings of journalists so PiS-friendly ones could be put in place, including his current fiancee. If he can't remember how his betrothed got her job, how's he going to remember their anniversary?

Ziobro then accused Tusk of liquidating the daily Rzeczpospolita, which is poor man's local version of the Wall Street Journal. A leftist businessman/publisher recently bought a controlling stake in the holding company of Rzeczpospolita, whose political section is very critical of the government and usually very light on Ziobro's PiS.

But this is where things get really weird or really strategic.

Ziobro's anti-Tusk rant was part of an attempt to weaken PiS, the centre-left daily Gazeta Wyborcza reported on Thursday. The thinking is that if PiS leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski leads his party to yet another electoral defeat in October, the way will be opened to a new leader. Ziobro knows this and so has gone an attack to make PiS look extremist and lose the election this fall. 

And just who is next in line? Well, a handsome, young, energetic politician with Brussels experience, one Zbigniew Ziobro.

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  1. Nice slant, but surely too dastardly even for the "Z" who ain't dead?