Tuesday, July 05, 2011

How many Poles does it take...

...to paralyze an airport? One, but he has to operate this crane. Apparently, the crane is 17 metres tall and is directly in the way of airplanes approaching Krakow's Balice airport. Its work puts landing and taking off airplanes at risk. Hence, the airport was shut down for four hours on Monday and Tuesday. Eleven flights were cancelled and incoming planes were redirected to the not-so-nearby Katowice airport.

Who says Poles are not an innovative nation? Too bad we always find so many ways to break something...rather than invent it.


  1. This really needs no comment, but taking into the whole mélange of irresponsibility that exists in Polish culture in such examples as the lowering of graduation standards to uphold the appearance of education standards (and the fact that most professors are career academics promoted up from student); the inability of a Polish leadership to lead since (actually before) Lithuanian Józef Piłsudski, who had to wrest the power of government away from Polish leadership after retiring; the tearing down of world famous heroes (Wałęsa) and the kinging of local, intolerant wannabes (Kaczyński); and the whole veering away from fixing image problems and meting out solutions, itself like a popular British sitcom starring Patricia Routledge....

    I am not surprised.

  2. Oh, it was just pointed out to me (as in no big deal, by a Pole) that it took a whole group of turtles to close an aeroport in New Jersey a week or so ago.

    So, on the bright side....

  3. Turtles are definitely more cute than building cranes ;)

    On a more serious note, although the whole pro-environmental push is a goldmine for sarcastic blog posts, I would consider turtles/birds/frogs closer to a "vis maior" that often plagues institutions like airports, while a single construction crane is just a pure incompetence/stupidity of officials.

  4. It is important to remember, that it is a top down system in Poland: monkey see, monkey do.
    I call it a SNAPU - System Normal All Poled Up. The SNAPU dates back to the Piast Dynasty when Poland seemed to need some foreigner either to rule or win at Grunwald. (Sobieski was a mixed blessing but at least he tried to be a leader.)

    And one Pole is certainly more efficient than 30 turtles (that could only manage a 30-minute delay). Still, I do not believe that is a Polish accomplishment to be proud.

    Better to aim a nation's arrow of ambition a little too high rather than too low. But that takes he kind of national courage too few Poles are willing to exemplify.

  5. I can't understand any of the comments on this page! the grammar is terrible lol! oh and don't call things British...the empire died a long time ago.Call it English or UK.