Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I usually don't do things like watching TVN's Monika Olejnik interview ex-Civic Platform (PO) maverick and would-be political leader Janusz Palikot. They are way too kinky. But by chance I watched a big chunk recently and was stunned.

Janusz Palikot is either going nuts or is desperate. He accused Prime Minister and PO leader Donald Tusk of sending the Anti-Corruption Bureau (CBA), public prosecutors and probably Agent Tomek after him because he dared to leave the Civic Platform.

All of a sudden "it is crystal clear for anyone with average intelligence that Donald Tusk is using the special services to attack me."

No, this is not a quote from Jaroslaw Kaczynski, Donald Tusk's arch-rival and the Law and Justice (PiS) leader who has been saying the very same thing for years now. It is Palikot, who left the Civic Platform because it was not liberal or leftist enough and who tried to be on the exact opposite end of the spectrum from Kaczynski.

This is clearly proof that Polish politics is a globe. Just like Palikot, you want to run away from Kaczynski so hard that as a result you bump into Jarek's behind?

During his five minute rant, Donald Tusk's wannabe nemesis Palikot -- whose new party is rarely included in the polls anymore (conspiracy!) -- said that the PO's top politicians, Palikot's ex-wife, Roman Giertych (his ex-wife's lawyer and the former leader of the radical nationalist LPR, a member of the PiS-led ruling coalition in 2005-07) were all trying to discredit him through pressure on the CBA and prosecutors office, and all he did was forget he owns a plane when he declared his assets.

"If I were still in the PO this would not have happened," he charged. I guess he does still have some connection with reality.

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