Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Poland to EU: Boom, boom, boom, let's go back to my room

Poland is a dashing young tango dancer seducing the beautiful young lady that is the EU. That, at least, is how Poland is promoting the fact it takes over the EU's helm for 6 months starting on Friday in a video by renowned Polish animator Tomasz Baginski.

Jaded Western audiences might scoff at the notion of the Polish seduction artist, but historical precedents do exist. The dashing Polish revolutionary stole the hearts of many a young Western European doyenne back in the day.

Modern Polish politicians tap into this vein as well. Who can forget the recent jest by President Bronislaw Komorowski: Why do Polish men kiss a woman's hand? Because you have to start somewhere.

As we noted, Prime Minister Donald Tusk has also showed his Don Juan side when asked whether Poland had "buttoned up" preparations for the EU presidency. "[…] I'm looking at the lady editor's summer dress and buttoning up is not what comes to mind," Tusk said. "I like . . . summer."

The rest of the EU, you have been warned. Don't come crying to Poland X when Poland, after a successful seduction, slips out in the middle of the night come January and leaves you weeping.


  1. Watching this I thought: When do these Final Fantasy characters draw their swords? Then I heard The Voice: ..In a world gone to pieces, when things seem to fall apart and reform, only the power of dance could save them from the upside down force of nature: Poland. Who is responsible for this shit? Corruption? Nepotism? Cronyism? No, let me guess: all of the above - after all, it has to represent Poland.

  2. One can question the use of dance, though that's a personal taste matter. I can see why they did it: to try to identify Poland with something other than war, genocide, anti-Semitism, mass strikes or any other dour adjective Poland is usually associated with. Whether seduction is the right choice is another question.
    As for choosing Baginski, I'm all for it. He and his production company are ace.

  3. Baginski is only as free as his employers allow him. That's a given, illustrated in the myriad of stories throughout history of the genuis toiling under the weight of the ignorant master. It's a truism.

    I think Baginski's master played a little too much Final Fantasy. I believe that because 1) a true artist gets no creative satisfaction from recycling old works; and 2) from the reality that the one paying the piper calls the tune.

    I would be surprised (dismayed) if we are seeing Baginski's ideas played out here.

    It is tragic so few fresh ideas emerge from Poland, and no innovation from the ruling elite, unless the innovator first "emerges" from Poland, keeping Poland in stasus of stagnation, etherized on the table of J. Alfred Prufock.

  4. I might suggest an image of Poland based more on a reality visitors are likely to experience while visiting Poland something that reinforces the campaign rather than merely costing money to produce.

    Highlight the rebuilding that is going on in Poland: roads, buildings, infrastructure and link this to the NEW POLAND. That may be too innovative (see my comment in Are We Morons?). My suggestion does touch upon the Cronyism, Nepotism and Corruption involved with the re-building going on, what the more educated would certainly observe. Perhaps acknowledging the situation openly, rather than re-choreographing the lines of observation, is a first step in the worldbeat of change?