Thursday, June 02, 2011

The perfect strategy, for losing

Law and Justice (PiS) leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the only true Pole (in his eyes), was once described as a political genius for orchestrating a double election victory in 2005. But what if that was a fluke. What if he Forrest Gumped his party's way to victory in the parliamentary and presidential elections.

PiS's latest strategy suggests it was indeed fluke. Kaczynski's party's support sank 7 percentage points to 28% in a recent survey done by GfK Polonia for the daily Rzeczpospolita. The drop was entirely due to an ill-devised strategy.

Kaczynski in all his wisdom decided to trot out Mariusz Kaminski, his main hatchet man and the former head of the Anti-Corruption Bureau (CBA), in order to make wild accusations regarding the senior ruling Civic Platform (PO) and its alleged ties to organised crime.

Only in Kaczynski Land does Kaminski have any credibility and so Jarek announced earlier this week that PiS demanded the setting up of a parliamentary probe into the trumped up allegations made by his main lieutenant.

Hmmm, what does this remind Poles of? Could it perhaps be the CBA's investigations in the runup to the 2007 elections in which the PO trounced PiS that made it seem like PiS was abusing power to produce political results? Could it be of the entire PiS reign in 2005-2007 where security services and prosecutors seemed to run rampant to do the bidding of their PiS masters.

You bet. If PiS keeps up that strategy, the PO will cruise to victory in the October general elections. This would obviously be a disastrous strategy for Kaczynski's party. For everyone else, well, there are worse things in this world . . . .


  1. My, my. That dangerous PiS, where Security Service run rampant.. totally unlike like with ABW storming your fellow blogger doors.

  2. Yes, I seem to remember posting about this. But perhaps there's a difference in intensity. Or, not perhaps, there is. Anyone who remembers the Jerzy Engelking Friday night presentation about the supposed uklad and then the lack of any charges anywhere will agree.