Saturday, June 25, 2011

Lights out for Euro 2012

Last week Poland's not-so-well-run state railways PKP was about to show all nay-sayers its true prowess and dedication to reform and modernisation. On Thursday, a key facility was to be unveiled, media were invited, red carpets rolled out and champagne ordered and uncorked for the launch of...the most modern toilet at Warsaw's Central Railway Station.

Either the toilet is PKP's flagship venture ahead of the Euro 2012 football tournament or it is a reaction to an upcoming PC horror game called "Centralny Loo" starring zombies, monsters and the undead emanating from some of the previously fetid toilets.

Back to the unveiling...everything was going great until just before the first "client" planned to flush the toilet the lights went out in the entire railway station and stayed that way for several hours. People had to be evacuated, emergency crews appeared, trains were stopped for hours, and it took until the late afternoon to get the place back to normal. The cause of the blackout, officially, remains unknown.

The fate of the toilet remains a mystery, but I suppose due to safety concerns all toilets at the central station will be closed between May and July 2012, when the football tournament is held. After all, we can't risk a panic every time someone flushes a toilet can we?!

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