Monday, June 20, 2011

James Bond drinks coffee in Warsaw at...

The daily Rzeczpospolita just presented an indefinite list of where to go in Warsaw if you want to meet a local James Bond. If you really want to meet him or his like, you should hang out at the Sheraton hotel's restaurant or coffeeshop.

We would not, however, recommend this for two reasons: first, you would be charged insane amounts of money for very average services and food; second, you would be more likely to meet a rather uninteresting Polish football association official straight from the communist-era (they seem to love the place) rather than a Polish version of Daniel Craig.

Other places where Poland's espionage aces supposedly visit often is the coffee/bar trio of Szpulka, Szpilka and Szparka, which are certainly well known to anyone familiar with Warsaw's bars. It is actually no surprise that these places are high on the list: you can meet all sorts of celebrities there, both during the day and night. From the places mentioned in the article these three are the only ones worth going to.

The last choice for those who are into something stronger than coffee, Rzeczpospolita recommends U Szwejka or Sarmacja. Clearly this is a stage when all one needs is vodka and cucumbers since nothing else there is eatable.

So there you go. You know which places to avoid in Warsaw if you have somemthing to hide or on the contrary you know where to hang out. But honestly if what Rzeczpospolita wrote is true, it just shows that Polish secret agents have to watch more James Bond movies to get a proper sense of style.

While those who really want to get acquainted closely with these types of people the best strategy would be to start an anti-government blog. Gotta go, somebody is banging on my door...

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  1. "Szpulka, Szpilka and Szparka, ..... you can meet all sorts of celebrities there, both during the day and night" ...Including the literati of Poland X on some occasions? guys should get into doing sposnored articles,

    eg "...Donald Tusk stated at a press conference, wearing a new Zara collection leather jacket"
    "When Ziobro went on another diatribe , all Kaczyński could do was look down at his new CCC loafers"
    You could make a tonne of cash...