Thursday, June 16, 2011

Election matrix

It happened quietly, unnoticeably, you might have been reading, sleeping, watching TV or...busy with REALLY important stuff. Last weekend, it's hard to say when exactly, all of Poland travelled through a Stargate connecting two separate realities. The signs of this are only now appearing, but there can be only one explanation: Poland has entered election campaign reality.

This is a Matrix-like world where nothing said is what it seems, nothing promised will ever be done but everyone believes it will be . . . Did you just have a deja-vu that such gripes have all been said before? It must be a glitch in the matrix.

Anyway, in this reality there is no spoon, or rather even the spoon is a political issue. It could be silver and a sign of growing wealth -- a clear sign the government is doing the right thing. But the very same spoon could also be a sign that income disparity has widened and more and more Poles can only dream of such luxuries. Or even if they have some shiny spoon, where is the soup they can eat it with.

Anything you see, hear, or read will either be a great success or an utter failure. The government shows that Euro 2012 preparations are on track and there is no threat to the championships. At the same time it is obvious to everyone that total embarrassment is unavoidable. Inflation is only a passing one-off event caused by global speculators or it is a sign Poland's economy is a total disaster. You are either one of US or one of THEM.

There really is no other way. Thus, take the blue pill or the red pill. Decide whether all is fine and dandy or everything is total crap. Take your pill and enjoy the ride until sometime later this year we all seamlessly cross through that Stargate and return to the post-election reality. . .or not?

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