Thursday, June 02, 2011


I like unbuttoning too...
Mr. Prime Minister, have you buttoned up all preparations to hold the EU's 6-month rotating presidency from July 1, Donald Franciszek Tusk was asked on Wednesday.

"[…] I'm looking at the lady editor's summer dress and buttoning up is not what comes to mind," the prime minister answered. "I like . . . summer."

DFT must have been channelling everyone's favourite French cad as he "rots" during his home arrest (click link to see definite injustice).

Let's be generous. Heat made Tusk do it. The hot weather, I mean. Tusk has done nothing to give birth to allegations . . . I mean reproduce . . . er, produce speculation he's a no-good womaniser abusing his power.

Poland's Women's Party is having none of this, though. As they must, they branded DFT's comments as "scandalous" and "unacceptable." The Democratic Left Alliance (SLD) even threatened to sue Tusk before the MP Ethics Commission.

Fearing the global opprobrium that hit DSK, DFT has promptly apologised. Bad boy, Donald. Bad boy.


  1. Between the political example presented in this article and the last it seems an election race to last place is inevitable. Once again, Go Poland!

  2. Here is the Boss