Friday, May 27, 2011

President Obama 'doesn't fit my schedule'

No, this is not some alter-globalist shit. Neither is it leftist, anti-American gibberish. Lech Walesa, Poland's ex-president and the ex-leader of Solidarity who singlehandedly toppled communism, will NOT meet President Obama. Walesa was supposed to meet the US president but unfortunately his schedule collided with Obama's. So...sorry, Mr. President, you should have booked a meeting with Lech Walesa earlier, way earlier.

"I will not have a meeting (with Obama), it doesn't fit my schedule. My calendar is stretched to a maximum," the icon of the anti-communist movement told public TV.

That's the spirit. He showed them who's boss didn't he? Well, Walesa is known for his blunders and strange things to say.

"For me a parliamentary democracy is a peaceful war between everybody" or "there are negative pluses and positive pluses" to name two. So, the fact he doesn't have time for the president of the only remaining global super power is exactly something he would say. It fits the bill I say.

Of course the Polish media, hungry for the whiff of a story before Obama actually lands in Warsaw (go Iceland go!), immediately jumped on the bandwagon and has now reported that other distinguished guests will not meet President Obama. Leszek Balcerowicz, the author of Poland's economic reforms, known for being nominated by the Polish press for every conceivable international post available, he, dear readers, will not be meeting Obama either. I don't know if he was supposed to though. The press failed to mention that little detail.

Oh, just to assuage your curiosity  -- neither I nor my pardner here are going to meet Obama either. We could, of course, but what the heck would that give us?

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  1. "Dear reader", "pardner"? Is this Jane Austen or a western?