Sunday, May 15, 2011

PO is guilty of Smolensk crash! (maybe)

Forget Osama. Forget Obama. Forget Strauss-Kahn. Poland has produced even better news, at least according to Law and Justice (PiS) member Antoni Macierewicz (pictured). Prime Minister Donald Tusk co-operated with the Russians to weaken Poland and undermine President Lech Kaczynski, who was killed in the plane crash near Smolensk, Russia in April 2010, according to parts of a report on the crash being prepared by Macierewicz and cited by Newsweek Polska's website. Tusk and his Civic Platform (PO) are thus morally and politically responsible for the Smolensk disaster and the 96 people killed, Macierewicz concludes.

That is not all. Government representatives are cited lying about the preparations for the fateful April 10 flight, which came a few days after an official government one led by Tusk to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the massacre of thousands of Polish officers by the Russians. The Defence Ministry is also said to have congratulated President Kaczynski for having got all the military generals to have agreed to go on his flight. All the generals of course died.

Current President Bronislaw Komorowski, who was the lower house speaker in April 2010, is also implicated. Macierewicz notes how Komorowski asked the president to bring together a group of lower-house MPs and Senators to accompany the trip. They all of course died.

One can rest assured there will be more allegations, but the full report will not be published until the campaign for the October elections, ensuring the entire issue is not a tragedy but rather part of the mostly "tragic" political discourse.

PiS's position on Smolensk is clear (Russians to blame, PO complicit), but what I don't understand is why they would get Macierewicz to lead the report if they wanted it to be credible in any way. I wouldn't trust Macierewicz if on a sunny day he said the sky was blue. Or he said that an IMF leader and leading French presidential candidate would be absoltely insane to try to rape a chambermaid.

I can't actually think of too many less credible politicians in Poland than Macierewicz. For an international comparison, it is like getting Ollie North to write about the supposed 9/11 conspiracy. Or getting Rupert Murdoch to write about anything.

The only reason I can possibly think to have chosen Macierewicz is that he plays well among PiS's core electorate, especially among fanatics in the Radio Maryja crowd. This of course means the report has nothing to do with convincing anyone of Tusk's or the PO's complicity, or even of the Russians' alleged guilt. Rather, it is designed to keep the PiS base fired up and to try to alienate everyone else who can't stand Macierewicz and his ilk going on and on and on....

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