Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Delays, delays

Who would have thought? Poland's pride and joy, its National Stadium, won't be ready on time. The daily Dziennik even put this "news" on the front page. I am probably way too cynical, but honestly I would have been far more shocked by "National Stadium ready on time."

Of course, this is not the only stadium needed for the Euro 2012 football tournament delayed. Gdansk and Wroclaw are in similar situations. The Polish football association PZPN recently had to admit the upcoming Poland-France friendly will be moved to Warsaw because the Gdansk stadium still has a huge hole in the ground instead of a pitch even though that would arguably help Poland's chances. Media also speculate that another "friendly," Poland-Germany, set for September will be delayed too.

Speaking of delays, I wonder if the imminent visit of President Barack Obama to Poland will have to be delayed too. I honestly don't know what Poles did to piss off those volcanoes in Iceland, but every time President Obama plans to visit they blow their lids. Last year President Obama missed President Lech Kaczynski's funeral because of the volcano. This year, there's a slight risk of another delay.

Speaking of President Obama, the Polish press speculates he will meet the families of those killed in the Smolensk crash that also killed Kaczynski. Today some representatives of the rather large, diverse group held a presser saying this is a disgrace. Why? Well, because it is terrible that such a fine ally of Poland, which shed blood for US independence, could meet the WRONG families, the ones that do not want to get to the bottom of the "plot" behind the crash. Geez, I wonder why he wouldn't want to meet them?

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