Sunday, April 10, 2011

Wars on laptops

All of you mobile warriors out there watch out. Polish railways catering unit Wars has declared a war, on you. What irked the restaurant-on-tracks operators? Well, you are too slow of an eater, that's what! Apparently Wars has banned laptop usage in its restaurant cars because people who use laptops occupy those precious seats for much longer than your average consumer.

According to the daily Gazeta Wyborcza, one more reason exists: "We had situations where the waiter would spill something on a laptop, for instance, soup, and we would have to cover the damages," Wars' spokeswoman said. Oh, in that case, it's all-right. After all, this is in our interest, right? Who would want to get soup on their laptop courtesy of Wars. On other hand, it probably would do you less damage on the laptop than in your stomach.

If you are an iPad user, you are home free since the regulation only bans laptops. But unfortunately Wars is already tracking this loophole and will fix it soon, or so they say. Once they do, they will move on to banning books, newspapers, and in the end customers altogether. This will mark the ultimate victory in this war.


  1. Don't knock Wars. It is be best designed restaurant in Poland. Look at those exteriors....! Quite right they are beating up the suits with soups. Stick to the omelettes, which are tops.


  2. Avoid the bruschetta, however. They put mayo under the tomatoes. The zurek is good.