Monday, April 11, 2011

No comment, Smolensk edition

"Putin - murderer, Tusk - traitor." "Katyn murder 1940, Smolensk murder 2010." "Down with the Civic Platform." "Gestapo, Gestapo." "Komorowski, scram to Moscow." "Come out rat." "We want the police not the military police." "Gestapo, Gestapo."

"Here comes PiS leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski, prime minister of the Brightest Republic." "Jaroslaw, Jaroslaw." "Poland is here, Poland is here." "Jaroslaw, Jaroslaw."

"Our president Lech Kaczynski." "Poland is here, Poland is here." "Jaroslaw, Jaroslaw." "Long live Poland."

"We will build it." "We will build it."

"Komorowski - Polish traitor." "Traitor." "Traitor." "Shame!" "Government to court." "Down with the Platform." "Komorowski - Poland's shame."

"Free Poland."

"Although previously the Fourth Republic failed, it must work now. We need to change Poland in the name of our interests and the interests of our nation. I believe that we will remember April 10, 2010, not only as a day of a Polish awakening. I am convinced that Poland is awakening and we will have a better new Poland."

"We will win." "We will win." "We will win."

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