Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Moving up the ranks

This probably comes as no surprise to most people, so I don't really know why Gazeta Wyborcza chose to say on the front page that people who start as hools (we wrote about their peculiar view on cheering here) end up as soldiers or even leaders of not-so-well organized crime.

Not so well organized, or maybe I should say well too organized, as apparently after a recent arrest the police found a "Dummy's Guide to Hool's Organised Crime" database on a PC with a list of names, roles, contacts and even license plate numbers. Duh!

It turns out people who spend most of their free time chasing each other with axes and knives or practicing for such challenging activities were far too busy to get even semi-legal jobs. No wonder, according to Wyborcza, that they soon turned to extortion, drug trafficking, car theft and other quick ways to make a buck. In January one "high ranking" hooligan in Krakow was massacred in something that looked like a well planned execution -- several cars were stolen and used for a hit that involved a chase -- showing that this more than just about hatred and picking a fight.

What has always amazed me is that when a guy is caught on camera going up to a football player and hitting him in the face, people all of a sudden talk about "stadium ban" as the "most painful sanction". WTF? I would say that the guy should face assault charges and spend 6 months in prison for a good start and AFTER that we should consider banning him for life from watching live football, countrywide, because he is a fan. But, no, clubs chose to turn a blind eye and say that both the player and the fan "got carried away." This time it fortunately was not a body bag they were carried away in.

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