Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bits and pieces

It is a pre-holiday week in Poland and people are more interested in the blossoming spring than politics, as they should be, and preparing for the upcoming Easter holidays rather than seriously working, which shows how strong tradition is here despite the ever-dropping number of active Catholics.

Without digressing any longer, this little item caught my attention: the post-communist SLD wants to delegalise the neo-fascist, rightist, nationalist, politically incorrect Law and Justice (link). Why would SLD would want to delegalise PiS? In order to strengthen its position, get rid of an irritatingly popular rival, and reshuffle the political scene? No, of course not. It wants to do ban PiS in order to "protect democracy" and to put an end to "verbal hatred" that leads to "verbal violence and often physical violence and even murder."

Not to be too picky, but I thought that so far the only lunatic that I heard of was so fired up by "verbal hatred" that he actually went and started shooting PiS supporters in Lodz, shouting that he wished Jaroslaw Kaczynski was there too so he could actually kill the bugger.

Another thought that jumps to mind is that in its care for democracy, freedom of speech and beliefs, the Polish parliament has decided not to delegalise the communist party PZPR that ruled Poland since the second world war and easily transformed into something now called SLD. Talk about poetic justice.

Poland is actually a quite rich country. It turns out it can afford an 8.2 percent rise in the minimum wage to 1500 zlotys starting next year. That is likely to trigger increased sending on social security benefits as many are tied to the minimum wage. Certainly, the increase is a much higher hike than I got and which, according to latest official data, the average Pole working in the corporate sector got. The government said the move was based on the "need to limit the public finance deficit to below 3 percent." Okay, we at Poland X get the message. It is not a political ploy to win support ahead of elections. It is prudent public finance management. If it was "kielbasa wyborcza," it would have been a 20 percent increase. Right and now for something completely different.

Outrage! Outrage! Gazeta Wyborcza journalists are being persecuted for their beliefs. No, I am not talking about Jaroslaw Kaczynski boycotting Wyborcza. This time I actually meant this little report that GW journalists will not be invited to the prestigious weekend show "Press Booth" on TVN24 because they have criticised TVN's owner ITI. Apparently TVN didn't like Gazeta Wyborcza's "zero tolerance" approach to issues related to the hooligans of football club Legia Warszawa, which just happens to be owned by ITI. You might want to know, Dear Reader, that in this little snippet Wyborcza quotes one of its editors but somehow forgot to call TVN for comment. Oh, and if you are curious, we were never invited to this show on TVN, so the station could not have un-invited us because of our recent posts on all-things-hooligan.

That's all folks! For now of course.

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