Monday, March 28, 2011

Kaczynski versus Giertych

Jaroslaw Kaczynski, Polish patriot in chief, Mr. holier than thou, ex-prime minister, leader of the leading opposition party, the ultra conservative Law and Justice (PiS), is in the red and white corner. In the opposite corner is Roman Giertych, one-time wonder boy of the radical right, the former leader of the League of Polish Families (LPR), the former leader of the mini brown shirts All-Polish Youth, and the former ally of Kaczynski.

The pair once sought to bring about the so-called Fourth Republic in Poland in various governments in 2005-07. Now they are sworn enemies. At issue is Giertych's comments in a 2010 interview that Kaczynski gathered "dirt" on his political enemies when prime minister in 2006-07. Kaczynski promptly sued for slander. Giertych sued right back.

The cases have been frozen because Kaczynski enjoys immunity from prosecution for such charges as a member of parliament. Giertych has been battling to get Kaczynski's parliamentary immunity stripped, but Kaczynski was reported Monday to have given this up voluntarily.

What's really at stake? Nada. It is so obvious that Kaczynski gathered "dirt" on his enemies (and likely his allies as well) that it doesn't need much further comment. If it hadn't already been invented, Kaczynski would have created political mudslinging. Giertych, now a lawyer, is trying to somehow re-establish himself by distancing himself from Kaczynski and undermining the leader of the right.

Though not having great political importance, there is one bright silver lining of the dispute: seeing the morons who tried to impose the idiotic Fourth Republic undermining each other. For a comparison foreign readers can quickly understand, this would be like Bush taking on Cheney. The best thing about the battle? Both lose.

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