Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dear Bronek...

Imagine a guy walks into the BBC's headquarters, demands a meeting with the editor in chief and says "I am buddies with Prince Charles and he thinks I am perfect to run a new talk show." Ridiculous? Not in Poland.

According to the daily Rzeczpospolita and the TVN news channel, a certain 25-year old faked an email from President Bronislaw Komorowski's chancellery chief to public television TVP's authorities saying the president wanted a new talk show to be made and that he even knew a perfect candidate for the job. Did TVP call the chancellery to verify the email? Hell, no. They replied to the guy and offered him a job!

It took 3 months for public TV to discover the fraud. The show was cancelled and now the guy faces fraud charges. All is well then? Not really. The whole episode shows that in the end the Civic Platform (PO) is just like its populist predecessors: a phone call from the top political brass is enough to get somebody hired. A phone call to the Polish state news agency PAP was enough to stop a journalist from asking Prime Minister Donald Tusk tough questions at a news conference. And a phone call was likely enough to get the finance minister's daughter a job as Foreign Ministry official...because she speaks English well. 

This is all but an introduction to the upcoming election campaign. It will be bloody.

PS. Think this will work:

Dear Bronek,
I stumbled upon this awesome, informative and opinionated blog called Poland X. It is a blast and I recommend we give these guys a medal or something in addition to a good amount of money.


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