Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Typically Polish

Each nationality has its drawbacks, yes, even Poles and Canadians. One thing that is probably most irritating in Poles is their...pettiness. One would think that if a genuinely respected competitor like race car driver Robert Kubica has a terrible car accident that nearly beheaded and de-handed him, and certainly wasted a 2011 F1 season and raises big questions about his career, condolences, good wishes and normal human sympathy would be the rule.

But here in Poland that would be...strange. Almost immediately after the accident on Sunday, on one of the F1 forums there was a discussion over whether Kubica should have been in the rally at all. Some went as far as to say the crash was actually Kubica's fault and that he was egotistical to even race in the rally.

Instead of actually wishing the guy well, we go on to say how he betrayed us fans by crashing into a wall. After all he probably did it on purpose just to destroy his fans' dream of a World Championship.

Oh, there is more. Apparently the prosecutors office has started an investigation into the crash. My bet? It's the fault of those darn Smolensk air traffic controllers.

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  1. Of course its the fault of those darn Smoleńsk air traffic controllers. What actually leads us to the conclusion that Donald Tusk has Kubica's blood on his hands.