Thursday, February 24, 2011

Spring offensive

As you know (from this post), Poland's government is hard at work reforming various areas of life. According to the daily Dziennik, it is so hard at work has had enough, or almost enough.

The daily says the government is now focusing on only the really, really, really important things it wants to achieve before the October elections. These include the much maligned pension changes, but do not include changes to military and police early retirement benefits (which allow some to retire at 40) or to the disability pension system that could save some 11 billion zlotys to 2020. The government had previously pledged to do both reforms.
Instead, the government is concentrating on such key legislative initiatives as... dropping tax identification numbers for individuals, regulations regarding reverse mortgages or additional healthcare insurance. Let's be clear. I am not saying some of these things are not important to some people, but really are these THE key issues?

If this is the "legislative offensive," the government's opponents (whoever they are) will rather die of laughter than be smashed to pieces. Of course, one should also say that this is rather a delayed offensive since originally it was supposed to happen in the autumn of 2010, just after the local elections.

This is a good time to recall that this parliament only has 11 sittings left, with the first due next week. It takes two-three readings and a parliamentary commission to get a bill passed. And then it goes to the Senate. AND then it can go back to the lower house of parliament. AND then...

So, Mr. Prime Minister Donald Tusk, if you want to get these things done, you better get cracking since there is not much time left. Mr. Tusk?! Donald?! Where are you now...?

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