Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Rostowski: See, PO is not scared of reform

Finance Minister Jacek Rostowski is a wannabe, a wannabe parliamentarian who looks sure to run in this October's elections for the senior ruling Civic Platform (PO). He is also called many other things, some not so flattering. I imagine Mrs. Balcerowicz has had to hear a few, er, choice words about Rostowski of late from her hubbie Leszek.

But it is undeniable that Rostowski is a master at spin, and he came up with a doozy on Tuesday. In an interview with TOK FM, a liberal ratio station tied to the centre-left daily Gazeta Wyborcza, Rostowski said the government's controversial plan to diminish the role of the pension system's privately managed second-pillar was proof the PO-led government is willing to do painful reforms.

"This is a really necessary reform that shows the Civic Platform is not afraid of the political consequences of implementing a reform crucial for Poland and to clean up after the mistakes of its predecessors," Rostowski said.

For good measure he also derided all opponents of the government's plan by lumping them into two camps. They are either connected to the privately managed pension funds that will lose (and thus are corrupt in some way) or are the "fathers of the reform" who are "personally insulted" that someone would touch their "genius reform."

Something is very amok when a minister uses a reform criticised by most as anti-reform to prove the government is in fact pro-reform when it has done nothing for most of its three-plus years in power and is only attempting the latest "reform" when the situation has become critical.

Rostowski also gave the impression he really enjoys his own jests, jokes and arguments. But I have a feeling that if he and the Civic Platform continue to dismiss all critics as cranks and continue on with their current arrogance, the last laugh will be on them.

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  1. this is the definition of orwellian double-speak and an example of the corruptive potential of holding power. PO is willing to say anything to keep power.