Saturday, February 05, 2011

Guess who...

...believes income tax and value added tax (VAT) rates should be cut and the rules simplified? Who promises to cut red tape, make public officials financially responsible for their decisions, and put time limits on administrative and legal procedures in order to make the economy more flexible? Who wants to privatise all state-owned companies except several infrastructure-related ones?

Do you think dear reader it is the Civic Platform (PO), head of a current government seemingly thrilled by the fact Poland is ranked 70th in the World Bank's Doing Business report overall (BEHIND Belarus and Namibia) and 113th in terms of red tape for starting a business (lower than such pro-business titans like Uzbekistan, Malaysia, Nigeria and Moldova) since it does nothing to address these problems?

Nope. The promises, which read as if copied and pasted from the PO's election program for 2007, were announced recently by the Law and Justice splinter group, Poland is Most Important (PJN), or, as my colleague denotes it, Poland Is the Superest Awesomest [Editor's note - indeed].

Now I know these are empty promises, but given the fact that the PO is screwing its voters over with its supposed pension overhaul while maintaining pension privileges for groups like miners and farmers, hiking taxes in order to give bonuses to teachers, threatening university teachers, journalists and artists with tax hikes, etcetera, etcetera, the PJN tactic just might work in the elections set for October.

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