Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mood Swings

This is so typical of Polish TV. No more than two days ago the entire media establishment was in a state of outrage discussing whether Poland should first bomb Russia and then send in the tanks or send in the tanks first. OK, I jest but you get the picture.

The Smolensk crash report (see my take here) was all over the news. Everybody was pissed off about how unfairly Poland was treated. The prime minister spoke out against the report, the president made demands, and journalists roared for two days. Even early on Friday the report and government reaction dominated front page news and discussions. But then, everything changed, like that (snap fingers).

The Vatican said that John Paul II, good ole Jan Pawel, the Polish Pope, will be beatified this spring. Moods swinged from vengeance to love, peace, forgiveness and compassion. Clips from the Pope's historic visits to Poland replaced pictures of the crash site. Fighter pilot interviews were cancelled in favour of priests, and moralists were in high demand. Journalists who were aviation experts in a flash turned into scholars of the holy scribes, the Vatican and the Catholic Church. Everyone felt better, enriched, forgiving, caring.

Well, almost everyone, Law and Justice called for the dismissal of the defence minister....

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