Monday, March 22, 2010

Shapely legs win primary debate

The Polski internet was abuzz today with talk of the big winner of the Sunday debate between Radek Sikorski and Bronek Komorowski over who is the better candidate for the senior ruling Civic Platform in this autumn's presidential election. Pity the poor gentlemen since the consensus has formed that both candidates were trounced by the co-host Joanna Mucha's shapely legs: here (thanks to PAP).

Ms. Mucha, 33, is a Civic Platform MP and has a doctorate in economics specialising in health-care. We're thinking that if the Platform does the sensible thing and runs her shapely legs in the presidential election, those legs could "doctor" all us brave souls in oh so wonderful Polska.

Even though anyone and their dog ("irasiad jest bardzo zdenerwowany") would beat President Lech Kaczynski, the brawn to his twin brother Jaroslaw's brains, we would love to see a debate between Ms. Mucha's shapely legs and the portly, prickly Lech. He would be railing away about her legs' past connections to shady Communist-link, corporatist capitalist spy rings whereas everyone else would just enjoy the shapely legs' witty rebuttals and perhaps a Basic Instinct cross or two.

We may have been a tad stilted here and mean no disrespect to Ms. Mucha, who seems to be an eminently qualified up-and-comer in Civic Platform. But please let us say: cheers to your shapely legs. Thank god they enlivened up a rather dour debate.

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