Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Poland enters major league sports

Well, there you have it. The first two Polish companies with a lot of local fanfare have entered the Formula 1 world as sponsors. Suspense nearly killed all the motor fans, especially those ones following Poland's economy and the corporate sector closely after it was announced a "major financial institution" declared it was sponsoring "one of the most successful Formula 1 teams."

Drum roll please. . . The major financial institution is. . . X-Trade Brokers! Wow! We can't believe. Not them? You can't be serious. This it too good to be . . . Wait, who?

Ahh, them. I see they shorten their name to the ever catchy XTB. Pretty cool. But though we happen to believe in stretching the definition of words and phrases to infinity and back (i.e., Skrzypek is a genius), we happen to believe "major financial institution" may not be quite the right description for XTB.

At least they were right about the second part. XTB, as it were, will be sponsoring McLaren, which indeed is one of the most successful teams in Formula 1. With two World Champions on board for the 2010 season, it is certainly aiming for the top.

A second corporate sponsorship deal related to F1 finds a local energy drink maker that competes with Red Bull sponsoring Robert Kubica, Poland's favourite F1 driver.

Although we can understand how the drink maker wants to ride Kubica's popularity among target clients, we don't really know what XTB, known for such smashing parties as this one in Frankfurt, can achieve by moving into F1. Wait, I get it! It's the babes upgrade and the machismo factor!

Though we hate to be spoilsports, we have one thing to point out. Considering the still not yet over Global Economic and Financial Crisis, is it really advisable to have a lot of macho brokers dealing with the world's money pumped up on F1 and proto-Red Bull?

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